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About Our Shop

Our friendly little butcher shop cares about the quality of meat you bring home. All meat is handled with supreme cleanliness from slaughter to packaging. Steven, the master butcher, is knowledgeable and is happy to answer any questions along the process. We understand not everyone wants the same options, and are happy to customize an order to fit your requests. All packaging (excluding ground sausage and venison, which is placed in 1lb. tube bags) is vacuum sealed, labeled and flash frozen prior to pick up.

Beef purchased from the Stauffer family are antibiotic, steroid, and hormone free. They are grass fed from the pasture and supplemented with grain for finishing. All are well handled and accustomed to people, reducing stress to the animal and thus providing for a better-quality product. Much like our pork, which are raised on the property where they are free to root around and lounge in a large, fenced area. Our hogs are primarily fed on a grain diet. Beef are dry aged for a minimum of 10 days and Hogs a minimum of 2 days.

The facility operates as a USDA custom exempt butcher shop for pork and beef. This means farmers can use our butcher service after their livestock has been slaughtered at a USDA slaughter house and then sell the whole or half animal to a family/customer. This type of service does not allow for retail sale. All pork and beef purchased from the Stauffer family are taken to Westham Butcher and Slaughter in Mechanicsviile, MD. The product is then transported to Stauffer’s Butcher barn to hang and await custom processing.

During the whitetail hunting season, we offer custom butchering for venison. All venison are kept in a separate refrigerator prior to processing.  

We look forward to serving you!