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What We Offer at the Butcher Barn


We are closed for venison appointments for the remainder of the 22/23 whitetail season. Thank you all who supported our small business this year.


Schedule your own raised beef or purchase from the Stauffer’s herd. All beef are dry aged for a minimum of 10 days.


Schedule your own raised pork or purchase a half or whole hog from the Stauffer’s herd and get ready for some delicious Stauffer family sausage!

The Latest from the Butcher Barn

Sausage Making Sunday

It’s a good Sunday when you get to fill the freezer with ribs, pork chops and sausage!! Love family hog day!!! Lots of laughs….little bit of hollering ..oh and a little hard work too

Nice one!

Look what James Tennyson brought by this evening . Nice one!! So glad you got to bag this buck with your little hunting partner with you! Best of luck to ya for the rest of the season! Thanks for calling, we’ll take it from here 

Making Country Sausage!

Making country sausage this weekend. Let us know what you’d like. Mild and Spicy.

Family Recipe Box

Susannah’s Watch B&B Sausage & Pepper Quiche

Pie Crust – 9″ Half & Half – 1/4 cup Stauffer’s Butcher Barn Sausage – 1/2 cup pre-cooked loose Diced Sweet Red Bell Pepper – 1 cup pre-cooked and drained Eggs – 3 large eggs Smoked Gouda Cheese – 1 cup shredded Salt and Pepper – Season with salt and pepper to taste. Preheat oven to 375 Spray pie pan with cooking…

Jen’s Biscuits & Gravy

HOW DO YOU MAKE SAUSAGE GRAVY? The first step to making this gravy is to cook one pound of pork breakfast sausage.  You can use mild, hot, maple, or any type of pork sausage that you prefer.Once the sausage is browned through with no pink remaining you will add two tablespoons of butter directly to…